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Nibble at your website speed

Lately, I have been “nibbling” at my website. I love that word. It reminds me of the cookie monster from the Muppet show, although he was a bit too fast at nibbling. But making things fast is a good idea. Using GTmetrix …

Tags: homepage, webdesign, seo, tools, speed.04. Dezember 2011, 19:02

Accessibility, Usability and a bit of SEO

When building a website, here are some of the tools I use to make my site where I want it to be regarding Accessibility, Compatibility and SEO. Since, I don’t really want to spend any money for such services, the list …

Tags: homepage, webdesign, seo, tools.25. August 2011, 23:18

Fragen und Entscheidungen im Webdesign

Lange hat’s gedauert! Seit ca. 6 Monaten habe ich immer wieder an unserer neuen privaten Homepage gearbeitet. Ich glaube inzwischen fest an den Grundsatz, dass der schlimmste Zustand in dem sich ein Mensch …

Tags: homepage, webdesign, seo.14. August 2011, 11:59